Brands as (Human)Babies

Building a brand to us is like bringing up a baby. When it comes to brand, we believe that strategising and marketing doesn’t suffice.

Childhood shows the man, as morning shows the day – John Milton

To help your baby blossom into a confident individual, we give it our undivided attention and care during all its developmental milestones.
The Baby (Launching A New Brand)
Just like a newborn needs the maximum care, so does a new brand.What’s the best way to bring a new brand into this world (what’s the go-to market)? What‘s the best way to nurture the brand and make it grow?We make sure that all these worries are taken care of, as your baby enters into this world.

The Toddler (Brand has been in market for 2- 5 years)

For a child, first five years are the most critical. Ditto for your brand. From crawling to help your brand stand up on its own feet, and from babbling to learning to make all the right noises – we handhold your brand at every step during these formative years.

Early Development(Brand has been in market for 5-10 years)

From taking baby steps,to helping your brand take confident strides. With Marketing Strategy Analysis, and a range of other marketing communication tools, we make sure your brand starts to make its presence felt.

The Grownups (Brand has been in market for 10+ years)

Having helped your brand master the skill of running, it’s now time to give your brand the wings and help it fly. This is the right stage for increasing the geographical reach, increasing product/brand range, increasing usage and optimizing the awareness. With us, the nurturing never stops!

We are not brand consultants. We are not brand advisors either. Yes, we are the brand (baby) sitters to nurture, tend, teach, handhold, guide, and do a whole gamut of other things to help grow this baby into a confident, self-reliant individual with a clear identity of its own. 


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